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Karate Kyokushin is not just a karate style, but a life style. There are few things that are known about this style, many considering it very rough. It is really one of the toughest arts styles and, by far, the most powerful. But in kyoksuhin we also discover the artistic and spiritual side. In translation, kyokushin means the path of supreme truth.


Shinto Club was and is a soul project. The word Shinto means "the gate to the gods, to knowledge" and thus we have organized the website for information and knowledge of the martial arts. Often shrouded in mystery, martial arts must be discovered. The website has abundant information for both those who want to practice and also for practitioners.

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What happened next?
You can find relevant information on how is conducted a belt exam,  pictures of training sessions and championships at which Shinto Club fighters participate, or kyokushin information, masters, etc.
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End point.

The president of the club is sensei Gelu Oprea. And since he has been involved in kyokushin for more than 30 years, you can find archives with pictures of those who have laid the foundation of the style and great international masters. Osu!

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