Branding  and website design

Start-up point.

Carnevo was a customer for whom we worked with great pleasure. We participated in a pitch for rebranding, after which the collaboration continued with the website development. The field of activity has been a challenge to create an identity and a website to be remembered.


Identity has come from a simple but representative element for the company and its field of activity: the terminal part of a pig's column, commonly known as a queue. We stylized the element, used a "fat" font, and the pig's tail was successfully placed on the gold section. For packaging, we chose a friendly version and added Romanian symbols.

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What happened next?

The website is based on the main character and then on the products. Because, above all, Carnevo is a farm and a slaughterhouse. It's a dedicated B2B site and less B2C.

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End point.

We worked with great pleasure for Carnevo and we will do it again if we have the opportunity. It was a creative challenge!

Next project
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