E-commerce solutions for online kids toy store

Start-up point.

Made up of a young and ambitious team, Nichiduta.ro was released in 2009, managing to assert itself quickly in the online environment and even occupy a decisive place among the top traders in the field. The customer has always tried to present new products and a high quality standard, which has led to the need to develop a distribution network and partners for imported products.


In a rather busy existing market, and here we refer to the field of articles dedicated to children, the customer has managed to grow rapidly due to the wide and diversified range of products, but also because of the campaigns developed together. We enjoyed mutual trust.

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What happened next?

Touch Media has ensured all branding for Nichiduta, realizing more than 10 related websites during a collaboration for more than 8 years, and 4 designs for the main website.

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End point.

At the same time, we have succeeded, in branding and designing, to develop a strong brand, providing the creative side for an expanded visual identity package. We have assured not only the development services of website, design and front, we have learned, together with this client, what a top online store and market demands.

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