Francek Friseure

Branding web and mobile apps development

Start-up point.

Collaboration with Francek Friesure is a very complex one. We've been working with Frencek for over eight years. If we were to collect all the works, we can say that a small part of our activity was dedicated to this client. An educated client who appreciates quality and professionalism first of all.


In 8 years, we have made over 10 websites, 2 mobile applications, made hundreds of marketing campaigns around the world, designed more than 10 visual identities, ensured full branding for all companies and businesses as well as the production side.

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What happened next?

The services offered to this client are uninterrupted, both for the main business, but also for related businesses and activities outside Germany, in the US or other countries.

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End point.

Francek Friesure is a complete brand, fully developed by Touch Media, from visual identity to online marketing for any developed project. Every work is a success, because it is treated seriously by both sides.

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