Fred & Barnes

Branding, landing page & social media awareness

Start-up point.

A new concept for the European market, launched by two Belgian businessmen. Fred & Barnes means luxury watches that can be rented on an annual basis. So you can wear a luxury watch every month at a very reasonable cost.


Fred and Barney meant naming, full visual identity, preparing social media sites and building a landing page. The emphasis was on a corporate and luxurious style that will keep potential customers in the comfort zone of luxury. We chose to use noble colors, ultramarine blue, gold and white and an aesthetic style based on fonts.

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What happened next?

Launching took place through an online event and by sending invitations and newsletters to a database collected through a teasing campaign 2 months ahead.

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End point.

The client follows an online marketing plan to increase brand awareness and make this type of service known in Belgium, but in parallel, promotion also takes place offline through business networking.

Next project
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