E-learning application

Start-up point.

Yavu Ltd is the inventor of a tool that uses hyaluronic acid and is introduced into the lips of patients without the use of any needle. It is a revolutionary invention, patented by the German manufacturer. They chose Touch Media to develop a complex mobile application.


The application is made up of several components. The client application, the instructor application, the master app and a backend that manages the entire process. All this is linked to a global database of instructors from all over the world.

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What happened next?

I chose React Native for development because the native phone features will be used quite a bit, but also for the exceptional technology that React Native offers to developers. The app is also based on a live chat that is developed on the same technology.

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End point.

The application is especially addressed to those who want to obtain a certificate by which they can use IRI Pen, as well as to instructors around the world who offer the necessary courses for the student to acquire all the necessary knowledge to obtain the certificate.

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