San Marco

Local pizza delivery website and app, build for iOS and Android.

Start-up point.

San Marco does not boast of inventing pizza or making pizza after an old recipe found in an old cookbook. San Marco makes a tasty and good pizza using classic recipes, easily adapted for a plus of flavor. 


Collaboration with Touch Media started over 7 years ago, with the website and then the application. After 7 years we reached the third version of the site, we entered the online sales and launched the first application delivery pizza app for iOS and Android in Constanta and at that time among the few in Romania.

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What happened next?

After 2 years of successful sales with the site, the app appeared. This has rounded out sales, shy at first, and in recent years equaled the website. The application was made in Cordova and the backend is common to the site and uses CodeIgniter.

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End point.

In all these years, we have worked 2 rebrandings with Pizza San Marco that have finally spoken with the positive influence of sales alongside the application and the website.

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