Travel app for iOS and Android

Start-up point.

A new way to experience storytelling! Imagine having the greatest storytellers always at hand, ready to throw you into riveting tales of the world around you, wherever you are. Experience new cities with a captivating, all-knowing guide, always by your side. Leading you through thrilling stories or fact focused learning. Or have your heroes encompass you through their own stories and neighborhoods. This is Xplories.


At this time, the Xplories application is summed up to a MVP to test the functionality. The application is based on google maps and wants to replace the classic guide in tours and add more value to stories through professional narrators.

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What happened next?

At the same time, Xplories comes with innovation, a module for kids and groups, quizzes and many other features that you will discover at the moment of launch.

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End point.

The development of the MVP lasted 4 months and involved a team of designers and developers who worked together for a product that has a worldwide addressability. The development of the final application follows.

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